Our CommunityEdit

We, the AlphA_Allianc3, don't care if we are a losing clan, we just want to grow into a nice, open clan for all. We want to set an example for the rest, simply by stating that we will be open to all, no matter what. Who cares, at all, if we lose every. Single. Clanwar. We have fun. And that's why you should join here. To help us, and even you, to grow.


Troops? Oh, boy, our troops! Simply ask anyone for troops, and if they are on, they just about immediately donate! And they are actually some pretty good troops. For example, I hesitate not a bit to hand out Level 2 Wizards, or Level 3 Barbarians. All of us don't even think, just donate.


You probably are thinking, "Wow, a whole website. I'm underwhelmed and don't want to read anymore." Well, you should read more, because we give you... FREE ELDER! You already have 1/3 of the authority and abilities of the leader! Anyone can have free elder!

Sorry, here's the bad partEdit

Now, you're like, "Ye gosh, free elder! What about coleader?" Here's the sorry part. The coleaders are chosen, soo... There is a possible way to get coleader. Read on!

Sunshine! Or not...Edit

We are a nice, young clan, ready to grow. Yet, there are, sorry, some ground rules must be taken into effect.

1.Vulgar or cuss words, three are too many, so kick those who use vulgar or cuss thrice.

2.Some people are evil. Hoppers still have no kicking access whatsoever, but if they abuse their powers, tell someone or kick the wrongdoer!

3.Last but not least, don't be a #2. (Reference to above, not poop.) I mean, the evil kind of #2. Just forget I said that... Anyways, don't be mean. Use your powers for good. Help others. This might just get you coleader!


To earn coleader, some are already chosen, but still, you must:

1.Have donated 500 troops. 2.Participated in 3 clan wars with us. 3.Never abuse power. 4.Never get kicked. 5.Stay with us for at least a month. 6.Keep the above five correct about you for 2 weeks and guess who's the next coleader? You!